Caroline S. Patricio

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Graduate Assistant

I am a bisexual woman trying to survive and fighting for human rights while building a world based on sharing and community philosophy; a world where my people feel safe to live and enjoy their lives having access to basic rights, from free health to the right to freely love and enjoy their sexuality. I am from Brazil where I studied Art History at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brazil) in 2020 and was involved with movement for housing and food security, and developed art projects in vulnerable areas in my city. Since the second semester of 2020, I am a Master's student at Lehigh University (History/Transcultural History) in where I have been developing my research on history of abortion, focusing on abortion as an ancient women's knowledge stolen by White European elite men in order to control women's bodies turning them into a fabric to build workforce for capitalism system. I am also concerned in particular for abortion in the present time not only as a matter of cisgender women, but also of transgender men and non-binary people.