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Join us for our Fall 2023 LUally sessions by heading to

We are offering custom LUally sessions for faculty, staff, and student groups on campus. Interested in hosting us for a meeting? Reach out to us at Here are some highlights of what we can do! 

LUally delivers skills-based, educational opportunities for the Lehigh community, while centering the philosophy that allyship is a continuous process that looks different for everyone. Participants have the ability to personalize their learning to meet their own goals as an ally. Attendees can earn 25 Be Well points for every LUally training session attended.  Upcoming LUally sessions will be advertised via our newsletter and social media. For more information or to receive our weekly newsletter, email

The Pride Center's Statement on Allyship:

We believe that allyship is an active, lifelong commitment to showing up for and advocating alongside historically marginalized communities. 

By leveraging power and privilege, allies practice ongoing learning, embrace challenges, and own their mistakes in order to create a just, equitable world for all. 

LUallies are:

  • Willing to make mistakes
  • Mindful of multiple identities
  • Respectful of all stories
  • Accountable for their actions & the actions of their communities


Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of opportunities can I access through LUally?

LUally opportunities are updated regularly and include in-person trainings that are both for specific groups as well as those open to the campus community, informal discussions, lectures, events, facilitated conversations, and more! Examples of our LUally training sessions include LGBTQ-101, BPFQ (Bi, Pan, Fluid, Queer Identities), Queer Criminalization, QTPOC (Queer and Trans People Of Color), Trans Identities, and Intro to Intersectionality.

How will members of the Lehigh community know that I’m a LUally?

All LUally participants receive an official LUally sticker that they are encouraged to display prominently on their door, workspace, or other visible location.  

How many trainings do I have to attend to be a LUally?

We believe that allyship is an ongoing journey with endless space for growth and development.  We encourage you to attend what is most helpful or challenging for your journey.

How can I get more involved in LUally?

There are many ways that students, faculty, and staff can be engaged with our program. Students may want to consider joining SPEAK, Lehigh's gender and sexuality peer educators.  Faculty and staff who are interested can contact for more information about involvement opportunities. 

How can I request a LUally training for my group (department, course, student organization, etc)?

Please contact the Pride Center at with your workshop request.

Who should I contact if I plan on attending an LUally session and have any accessibility needs or desires?

The Pride Center is committed to making each and every one of our programs and initiatives accessible and inclusive. If you are planning to attend a program and have any accessibility needs or desires, please contact Mel Kitchen at in advance of the program for coordination.

How do I earn 25 Be Well Points?

Sign up and attend an LUally session and your name will be submitted to Human Resources, who will then award the points to your Be Well account.