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Welcome to the Lehigh University Out List! This is a public-facing listing of LGBTQ+ faculty and staff at Lehigh. It was created to further the Faculty & Staff Pride Network's mission to foster and sustain a welcoming and affirming climate on campus for LGBTQ+ people. In addition to providing opportunities for networking and mentoring within and beyond and Lehigh community, the Out List is an affirmation of Lehigh's LGBTQ+ community as active, present, and integral to the university. 

If you would like to be listed on the Out List, please complete this form.

Julia Aughenbaugh | she/her
Global Program Manager / College of Education


Riley Boike | she/her
Teaching Assistant / Political Science


Kyle Brett | he/him
Donor Relations


Bill Burden | he/him
Associate Director / Center for Career & Professional Development


Scott Burden | he/him
Director / Pride Center
"I identify as a white, queer, cisgender male."


William Crow | he/him
Director and Professor of Practice / Lehigh University Art Galleries,
Dept. of Art, Architecture and Design


Benjamin DeBari | he/him
Visiting Assistant Professor / Psychology Dept.


Stephen Deduck | he/him
Int’l Student & Scholar Advisor / Office of Int’l Students & Scholars

I’m proud to be Bi & Ace(asexual)! It was a long journey of learning & accepting who I am, but I am so happy to now know & love myself. I’m open to talking with anyone about their identity & their journey – please feel free to message me!

Jacob Dooley | he/him, they/them
Research Assistant, TA / Material Science


Weston Durham | he/him
Doctoral Intern, University Counseling & Psychological Services


Adam Ercolani | he/they
Campus Engagement Manager, Zoellner Arts Center


Domenica Fertal | she/her
Research Assistant / Chemistry
Deciding to go to graduate school is not an easy choice to make, especially if you’re a young LGBTQ+ scientist that doesn’t feel represented in academia. Anyone that’s thought about graduate school and would like to talk to an honest, open graduate student about their experiences so far, feel free to email me and we can meet for coffee/tea!


Lyam Gabel | they/them, he/him
Assistant Professor / Theatre
"I am trans* and would love to connect with other trans and nonbinary people at Lehigh. Please feel free to reach out."


Matthew Glose | he/him, they/them
Executive Assistant, Facilities


Dylan Faltine-Gonzalez | he/him
PhD Candidate / Biological Sciences
Afro-Latinx; first-gen college student; first-gen PhD student



Jimmy Hamill | he/him
Doctoral Candidate, English Dept.
"I'm a cis gay/queer man. I particularly find salience in my identities as a gay/queer and as a practicing Catholic, so I'd love to chat more with folks if they have an interest in their religious and/or spiritual identities."


Nic Johnson | she/her
Assistant Professor / Education and Human Services


Melpomene Katakalos | she/her
Associate Professor / Theatre
"Proud Bi first-gen Greek American"


Tyler Katz | they/them
Engagement & Programming Associate / Office of Jewish Student Life
"I'm a gay, genderqueer Ashkenazi Jew. I'm always here to talk about anything. Feel free to reach out to me."


Shawn Kennedy | he/him
Graduate Recruiting Manager / College of Business


Ilena Key, Ed.D. | she/her
Chief Technology Officer / Library & Technology Services


Ainsley Lamberton | she/her
Administrative Director / Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost, Research and Graduate Studies


Ashley Lemmons | she/her
Associate Dean of Students / Student Affairs


Jeffrey Ludwig-Dicus | he/him
Head Preparator / Exhibition Designer, Lehigh University Art Galleries



Shea Martin | he/him
PhD Candidate / Chemistry
I’m a bi man and proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community in STEM! I’d love to connect with other LGBTQ+ students so feel free to reach out!



Mackenzie McCann | they/she
Admissions Counselor / Office of Undergraduate Admissions



Allison Mickel | she/her
Associate Professor / Sociology & Anthropology


Tricia J. Moore | she/her
Managing Editor / Coordinator, Lehigh University Press


Steve Nathan | he/him
Director / Jewish Student Life and Associate Chaplain
"As a queer Jewish person of faith, I'm always interested in discussing the intersection of queer identity and spirituality. I'm also just here to talk. As a member of the Chaplain's Office staff I can also be 100 percent confidential, as can anyone in the Chaplain's office and the Counseling Center."


Jen Rieder | she/her
Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Studies & Interdisciplary Programs

I’m a cisgender lesbian, and the non-biological/non-carrying mother of an infant. My wife and I are always open to connecting with other LGBTQIA+ individuals or families!


Teresa Rosenberger | she/her
Graduate Assistant, University Counseling & Psychological Services



Emily Sargent | she/her
Post-Doctoral Fellow, University Counseling & Psychological Services


Jessica Scott | she/her
Coordinator, Registration & Academic Services


Kelley Versocki | she/her
Marketing & Communication Specialist / Office of Sustainability

I identify as a bi, cisgender woman. I’m always excited to connect with other people in the LGBTQIA+ community so if you ever want to chat or connect, reach out!


Mark Wonsidler | he/him
Curator of Exhibitions and Collections / Lehigh University Art Galleries