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Out List

Welcome to the Lehigh University Out List! This is a public-facing listing of LGBTQ+ faculty and staff at Lehigh. It was created to further the Faculty & Staff Pride Network's mission to foster and sustain a welcoming and affirming climate on campus for LGBTQ+ people. In addition to providing opportunities for networking and mentoring within and beyond and Lehigh community, the Out List is an affirmation of Lehigh's LGBTQ+ community as active, present, and integral to the university. 

If you would like to be listed on the Out List, please complete this form.

Ainsley Lamberton | she/her
Administrative Director / Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost, Research and Graduate Studies

Andrew Bainbridge | he/him
Teaching Assistant / Chemistry Dept.

Ann Fink | she/her or they/them
Professor of Practice / Biological Sciences

Carrie Baldwin-SoRelle | she/her
Social Sciences / Scholarly Communications Librarian, Library & Technology Services

Ilena Key, Ed.D. | she/her

Chief Technology Officer / Library & Technology Services

Jeffrey Ludwig-Dicus | he/him
Head Preparator / Exhibition Designer, Lehigh University Art Galleries

Katy Kresge | she/her
Associate Director / Housing Services

Mark Wonsidler | he/him
Curator of Exhibitions and Collections / Lehigh University Art Galleries

Nicki Johnson | she/her
Assistant Professor / Education and Human Services

Scott Burden | he/him
Interim Director / Pride Center
"I identify as a white, queer, cisgender male."

Sirry Alang | she/her
Assistant Professor / Sociology & Health, Medicine & Society

Steve Nathan | he/him
Director / Jewish Student Life and Associate Chaplain
"As a queer Jewish person of faith, I'm always interested in discussing the intersection of queer identity and spirituality. I'm also just here to talk. As a member of the Chaplain's Office staff I can also be 100 percent confidential, as can anyone in the Chaplain's office and the Counseling Center."

Tricia J. Moore | she/her
Managing Editor / Coordinator, Lehigh University Press

William Crow | he/him
Director and Professor of Practice / Lehigh University Art Galleries, Dept. of Art, Architecture and Design

Dylan Faltine-Gonzalez | he/him
PhD Candidate / Biological Sciences
Afro-Latinx; first-gen college student; first-gen PhD student

Jessica Scott | she/her
Coordinator, Registration & Academic Services

Matthew Glose | he/him, they/them
Executive Assistant, Facilities

Melpomene Katakalos | she/her
Associate Professor, Theatre
"Proud Bi first-generation Greek American"

Cheryl Matherly | she/her
Vice President/Vice Provost, International Affairs

Jimmy Hamill | he/him
Doctoral Candidate, Instructor of First-Year Writing, English Dept.
"I'm a cis gay/queer man. I particularly find salience in my identities as a gay/queer and as a practicing Catholic, so I'd love to chat more with folks if they have an interest in their religious and/or spiritual identities."