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Mission Statement

The Pride Center for Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity exists to build a just, equitable world through community building and the pursuit of change.  We work to create a world where people of all genders and sexualities are able to thrive as their full, authentic selves.

Our Commitments

  • We commit to the belief that all oppressions are interlinked, and that we cannot work toward liberation for LGBTQ+ communities unless liberation for all marginalized communities is centered. 

  • We commit to educating and empowering our campus constituents to develop as change agents who act as intentional allies and advocates for all marginalized communities. 

  • We commit to excellence by ensuring that the Pride Center's work is theoretically grounded and data-driven.

Annual Intentional Focus

The Pride Center grounds our work in the belief that all oppressions are interlinked, and that we cannot work toward liberation for LGBTQ+ communities unless liberation for all marginalized communities is centered. For the past two years, we have chosen to operationalize this commitment by intentionally focusing on an area of intersectional justice. From a deep dive into racial justice & decolonization in 2017-2018, to our intentional focus on disability justice last year, we have been challenged critically, grown immensely, and fiercely deepened our work and our commitment. We are grateful to each of you for joining us in these commitments. 
In 2019-2020, we have chosen to focus intentionally on prison abolition. This is especially timely, as this summer, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, where, as stated in Captive Genders, “sexual and gender outsiders rose up against ongoing brutal police violence in an inspiring act of defiance.” 
Prison abolition, as defined by Critical Resistance, is a “broad strategy” that “means we must build models today that can represent how we want to live in the future.” The vision painted by this strategy is not only a world without prisons, but a world with accountability mechanisms and transformative justice
As we delve into this concept in the year to come, we are excited to imagine, explore, and dialogue with our community around this critically important concept that carries deep relevance within LGBTQ+ communities. This intentional focus will include: 
  • Imagining and exploring alternative forms of justice and accountability as a community
  • Identifying, unlearning, & dismantling the ways that we as individuals and as a campus perpetuate the Prison Industrial Complex
  • Working with national and local abolitionist organizations
We are so excited to continue this journey toward liberation alongside each of you, and are grateful for your partnership and support. 


You can find more information and resources for each intentional focus here

Annual Reports

Our summary of the year, photos, highlights, & more!

Our History

You can find a detailed history of LGBTQIA+ work at Lehigh here