First Generation College Student Celebration Week

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First Generation Fan Club

The First Generation Fan club is a network that seeks to connect first generation college students with faculty, staff and alumni at Lehigh who were first generation college students themselves or who are very interested in helping support those students who identify as first-generation while on their college journey. The network strives to provide engagement opportunities where community members can simply mingle with each other and build community, talk about career options, learn about internships, get academic support, learn about various research opportunities and many other things. All Fan Club members receive a virtual badge and/or a physical sticker of the logo that you can display so students can identity you in virtual and physical spaces around campus. 

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2023 event information

Saturday 11/04/2023


Tuesday 11/07/2023

Wednesday 11/8/2023

Thursday 11/09/2023

Lehigh Alumni, Students, Faculty, and Staff:
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