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The Lehigh University Student Scholars Institute (LUSSI) is a year-long program that strives to support all our F1RST+ college students throughout their four years at Lehigh University. F1RST+ students are those that identify as a first generation college student, underrepresented minorities, and/or are pell-eligible or from a low income family. The program consists of dedicated administrators, staff, faculty and students who work to reduce the barriers to success for all our students with an emphasis on our F1RST+ community. We work to inspire, support and prepare our students to become the confident, smart and successful leaders that we know they are meant to be. In the LUSSI program, you will learn to appreciate and celebrate your identity as a F1RST+ college student and will start to see the world through a lens of richness and wholesomeness. You will be provided opportunities to strengthen your academic, social, and emotional skill-set so you can take full advantage of your Lehigh experience.




LUSSI 2020-2021 applications for incoming Lehigh students will be available in May!