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Rita Jones, Ph.D.

Photo of Rita, our Director, wearing a white shirt with a black v-neck sweater.
Director, The Center for Gender Equity
UC, C210-A

Rita M. Jones, Ph. D., directs the Center for Gender Equity at Lehigh University. Outside of work, she spends time driving her kids to sport lessons and games and to music lessons and performances, learning about 18th Century British masculinity from her spouse, cuddling with her cat, and working on crafting projects. After earning her Ph. D. in English at Washington State University, she directed the Women’s Studies program at the University of Northern Colorado before leaving to direct the, then, Women’s Center at Lehigh. At work, she strives to create spaces for others to engage in feminist praxis, develop and implement an equitable community, and return to teaching whenever possible. Her role offers her the chance to work with all members of the Lehigh community, alums, and community members, and one of her skill sets is in bringing people to develop inclusive relationships where difference thrives and is seen as an asset.