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  • Retreat and Recharge: The Center for Gender Equity hosts an annual fall retreat for all returning and incoming Equity Reps.   The core staff works together to ensure that the time spent at the retreat helps Equity Reps understand their responsibilities, network, build community, and workshop their ideas, projects, and passions.  In January, the CGE hosts an annual recharge event to reconvene the Equity Reps, make connections between each other’s projects, and take some time to thoughtfully plan for upcoming
    Retreat and Recharge
    Fall 23 and spring 24
  • Rock the Block: Rock the block is hosted by the centers and offices under the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity: The Dialogue Center Center for Gender Equity Jewish Student Life Office of Multicultural Affairs The Pride Center Center for Student Access & Success. This event was a 5x10 to help introduce our offices and services to first year students. This event also served as a meet & greet for two of our newest ODIE team members, Dr. Robert Robinson, Interim Director for the Office of Multicultural
    Rock the Block
    an Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity event
  • AI and Equity, A Round Table: Seeing the explosion of conversations about generative AI, algorithms, and questions of equity, Rita organized and moderated this panel of Lehigh faculty. They presented information, engaged in conversations with one another, and asked and responded to questions from Lehigh students, staff, and faculty in the room. With every seat taken, it became clear that students, in particular, were invested in these topics.  We continued these conversations in Rita’s WGSS 001 course and i
    AI and Equity, a round table
  • SHPEtinas is a newly established subgroup of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and is designed to create visibility and support for Latinas in STEM.  One of our Equity Reps, Cecy Benitez, who is also a part of SHPEtinas at Lehigh, planned a collaborative event called SHPEtinas Paint Night.  This event opened up with information and awareness of both the Center for Gender Equity and  SHPEtinas at Lehigh. Participants decorated reusable totes and destressed with painting canvases.
    SHPETINAS Paint Night
  • Transitions: FANZINES: This 5x10 event was co-hosted by the Center for Gender Equity and Special Collections, located in Linderman Library and a key part of LTS.  (Fan)Zines (handmade magazines) are a fun and accessible way to mark periods of change. Students learned about the history of zines, how to create a zine using one sheet of paper, and reflected on their own transition to Lehigh as they made a zine. We also viewed some of the zines in Lehigh's Special Collections for inspiration.
    Transitions: FANZINES
  • Women’s Trivia Night - Jeopardy Style!: Equity Rep Kendalin helped to organize this CGE-supported event in collaboration with Girl Boss and the AAUW student affiliate chapter.  This event was a 5x10 event that qualified for the self-concept track.   This event was successful in attendance and filled with feminist facts and fun, with a theme of women’s rights.
    Women’s Trivia Night - Jeopardy Style!
  • Gender Equity In STEM: The ADVANCE Office at Lehigh brought Professor Paul Walton, University of York, to campus to meet with Senior Leaders, Department Chairs, and faculty, in addition to providing a campus-wide conversation about the work he participated in at the University of York to increase the number of women faculty. The talk, co-sponsored by the Center for Gender Equity, drew a standing room only crowd.
    Gender Equity In STEM
  • Unity in Diversity: The Office of Survivor Support & Intimacy Education reached out to the Center for Gender Equity and the Pride Center to promote Dr. Mark Levand’s visit and lecture, creating space for students, in particular, to think about how faith, sex and sexuality, and religion exist within individual experiences.  As a 5x10 program, the event focused on first-year students continuing their personal exploration and identity development at Lehigh.
    Unity in Diversity
  • Haunted by the Patriarchy: Our Equity Reps Ashley, Jessica, and Emma took the lead on planning and staffing this Halloween-themed pop-up event, Haunted by the Patriarchy.   At this tabling event, folk could stop by and engage with thinking about how the patriarchy has affected their lives and communities. Participants wrote down their thoughts and stuck them to the cue out Ghost and held a dialogue with the Equity Reps
    Haunted by the Patriarchy
  • Equity Rep, Nahjiah Miller spent her internship at the Center for Gender Equity creating her documentary film, Tell Me It’s Going To Be Okay. In the Spring of 2023, Nahjiah conducted interviews for the film project. In the Fall, she edited the film and hosted a successful film premiere.  She also created a manual, “So you want to make a documentary film,” for future Equity Reps to consult.  Nahjiah’s film was accepted into the Greater Lehigh Valley Filmmakers Festival and won the award for 2024 Best Documen
    Film Premiere: Tell me it’s going to be okay
  • Heal with Tika: Our Equity Rep Tika hosted her second and final Healing With Tika event.  Tika has a passion for gender, spirituality, and wellness. She was able to harness those interests to create these events.  This final version was the Spa Edition where attendees learned about and created natural face masks followed by a discussion of the self and gendered bodies. With an eye on sustainable practices, Tika showed participants how they could continue these practices with a few simple ingredients.
    Heal with Tika
  • The Employee Relations Advisory Committee (ERAC) opens up Knowledge @Noon sessions to organizations that would like to connect with staff at Lehigh.   The Center for Gender Equity took this as an opportunity to create space for a discussion about gender and the success of the Barbie movie from the summer of 2023. Azalea, Carly, and Rita facilitated an informative and interactive session with a full room of participants that represented a wide range of generations and relationships with Barbie toys.
    ERAC Knowledge @noon: what can Barbie teach us about gender in the us?
  • ODI&E Cake off!: The associate directors in the ODI&E stem organized a bonding activity for the student staff members across our stem. It was a cupcake-decorating competition with teams made up of students from different offices. There was so much creativity and collaborative energy in the room. The winning team received the prestigious Princess Butter-CUP.
    ODI&E Cake off!
  • Love yourself: Equity Rep Emma took the lead in putting this passion project together. With the support of fellow Equity Reps, Pau, Sammy, and Ashley, they were able to host a successful love-themed pop-up on Valentine’s Day.   The focus of this tabling was to promote taking care of oneself, others, and your communities while encouraging self-love.
    Love yourself
  • Can feminists be funny?: Together with Lehigh Gut Punch, a student stand-up comedy club, the CGE hosted a panel discussion with comedians Dr. Ashleigh Strange, Dr. Janear Hankerson, and the Pride Center’s very own Ariel Torres. Carly and LGP’s Vito Capraro moderated the discussion. We ate breakfast for dinner, explored the role that humor can play in social justice work, and talked about the ways that comedians can embrace feminism.
    Can feminists be funny?
  • Navigating Cultural Expectations  of Femininity: Carly partnered with Tamara Redfern in OMA to host a student panel in honor of both Black History and Women’s History and Awesomeness months. Students of diverse cultural backgrounds talked about their cultural experiences with expectations surrounding femininity and how these expectations can vary from person to person and culture to culture.
    Navigating Cultural Expectations of Femininity
  • This year for International Women’s Day, the Center for Gender Equity and the Global Union worked together to put on a celebratory lunch.   This lunch had over 60 staff, students, and faculty in attendance. Fun activities around the room allowed people to engage and think about  International Women’s Day and the status of gender equity across the globe.
    International Women’s day
  • In my Birthday Suit + Angry Girl Poetry @ LAD: The In My Birthday Suit feminist magazine crew teamed up with the Angry Girl Poetry club to host a content creation night through Lehigh After Dark.   This evening was filled with fun, rage, and release through the expressive mediums of arts and crafts.
    In my Birthday Suit + Angry Girl Poetry @ LAD
  • Modeling club fashion Show: The newly formed Modeling Club’s first fashion show was a hit! The 3rd floor of HST was packed as students came to cheer on their peers in a body- and gender-inclusive fashion show. The designs were made from recycled fabrics and thrift store finds. The Swap Shop in the Office of Sustainability also partnered.
    Modeling club fashion Show
  • Members of the LTS Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity committee reached out to the Center for Gender Equity and the Office of Survivor Support & Intimacy Education to think about ways to commemorate the life of Jeanne Clery and the effect the Clery Act has had on campus safety.  Equity Rep Sammy Haggert ‘24, joined Dr. Brooke DeSipio (SSIE), Jason Shiffer (Chief, LUPD), and Jessica Mertz (Executive Director, Clery Center) on a panel conversation. Sammy not only informed attendees about the Center’s work but a
    Remembering Jeanne: The Clery Act & Campus Security
  • End of Year Celebration: The Center for Gender Equity’s end-of-the-year celebration was filled with feminist fun and joy! Equity Rep Sae worked with the core staff to organize the party. Members of Angry Girl Poetry shared original poems to set the stage.  We honored all our graduates and presented the recipients of the Research, Advocacy, and Activism Awards, nominated by their peers in the Center.   This year we even had a special guest, Clutch!
    End of Year Celebration
  • Softball players Rory Dudley and Abbey Tabaka contacted Rita about planning Lehigh softball’s first-ever Pride Softball game. Rita invited Ariel Torres, Associate Director of the Pride Center to join.  Rory and Abbey requested giveaways for fans, and the Center created rainbow/brown and white hair ribbons, rainbow lapel pins, and an assortment of softball + pride pins, that fans really enjoyed.  While Rita threw a strike for a ceremonial first pitch, the real treat was Rory’s home run late in the game, brin
    Softball Pride Night
  • Student Life Leadership Awards: We had  six Equity Reps recognized at this year’s Student Life Leadership Awards.  Contribution to Student Life Award Ashley Kim and Liana Secondino  James J. Duane III Student Life Leadership Award Afiwa Afandalo and Nahjiah Miller  Class of 1904 Award Pau Gonzalez  John W. Smeaton Pillar of Integrity Award Samantha Haggert  Bosey Reiter Leadership Cup Afiwa Afandalo
    Student Life Leadership Awards
  • Red Dress Project: Several of our Center's Equity Reps, a Marcon fellow, and colleagues in the Institute for Indigenous Studies joined forces to organize a Red Dress Project event, inspired by the work of Indigenous artist Jaime Black.  Each dress represented and served as a remembrance of a missing or murdered Indigenous woman, girl, or Two-Spirit person (MMIWG2S). The installation emphasized the issue and how it is all around us and cannot be easily ignored or compartmentalized.
    Red Dress Project
  • Study Jams: The CGE teamed up with other offices on campus to provide snacks and relaxation time for students during the weeks of final exams. Our event was an opportunity to take a break from studying to make friendship bracelets and color. A big thanks to Denise and Donny in the Center for Student Access and Success for their support!
    Study Jams
  • Over the course of the Fall and Spring semesters, Rita was nominated to participate in the second cohort of the Pragmatic Leadership Institute at Lehigh. A jointly developed and -delivered program by the Bacharach Group and Human Resources at Lehigh, the intensive program brought together dozens of Lehigh faculty and staff to hone leadership and coaching skills.  With the newly adopted University Strategic Plan, teams of participants created a pitch for Senior Leaders of what can be changed or implemented a
    Leadership Development