Mission, Values, & Commitments

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OMA's Mission Statment

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is committed to engaging, developing, and empowering all students, staff, and faculty as we cultivate an inclusive enviroment that promotes mutual respect, and intersectional dialogue through an intercultural lens.



OMA Values:

Community Building -- involving all stakeholders (students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community partners) in a collaborative process for building authentic and reciprocal relationships

Student Engagement -- encouraging the ability to foster relationship building among and between undergraduate and graduate students

Accountability -- demonstrating the ability to be responsible and transparent in decisions & actions


Our Commitments:

To ENGAGE thoughtfully and intentionally as an inclusive campus community to support and educate diverse perspectives.

To DEVELOP and sustain an inclusive tool kit that aids in navigating the injustices of our society.

To ACT responsibly and respond thoughtfully as agents of social change.


Diversity Synonym Word Map