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Diversity Champions

If you're interested in building your cultural competency, register at go.lehigh.edu/diversitychampions


The Office of Multicultural Affairs has been working on launching an interactive workshop series called Diversity Champions geared to

support faculty and staff in increasing their cultural awareness and interpersonal effectiveness.  Each session last for 75 minutes.

Dates to come!



Workshop 1: Inclusive language: diversity, multiculturalism, social justice

The purpose of this workshop is to develop a brief understanding about  the history of multiculturalism both broadly and within the institution,

as well as common language used for inclusive practices. Participants will then begin to self-identify how they might carry out each of

these concepts into practice and begin building their own inclusive language toolbox with other community members.



Workshop 2: Exploration of Identity

The purpose of this workshop is to learn more about different social identities and its intersections.  

Participants will have a chance to identify their own identities within different contexts and how it impacts them in a personal, group,

and global context. With this information, participants will discuss how their different identities influence their relationships

and their own identity development.



Workshop 3: Unconscious Bias

The purpose of this workshop is to explore some of the underlying psychological principles behind how and why unconscious biases happen.

Through this understanding, the workshop will reveal some of the impacts and consequences of unconscious biases. Participants will be able

to take action and address unconscious biases both within themselves and others.



Workshop 4: Communication and Cross-Cultural Conflict

The purpose of this workshop is to increase participant’s awareness about their own interpersonal communication styles. Given the diversity

and complexity of communication styles, participants will develop a deeper understanding of how conflicts born from cultural

miscommunication occur and will leave with skills that can be used to enhance effective cross-cultural communication.



Workshop 5: Cultural Humility

The purpose of this workshop is to invite participants to critically reflect on their own experiences and encounters with people of different

cultures and how they can commit to doing so in each interaction. We will discern the difference between cultural humility versus cultural

competence, both in theory and application.


If you or your department are interested in participating in either of these workshops,

please register at bit.ly/DiversityChampions and a member of the Office of Multicultural Affairs staff

will return your message within 24 hours.  For questions, please refer to inmca@lehigh.edu.