Who We Are

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The Faculty and Staff of Color Network (FSCN) strives to enhance the retention and promotion of faculty and staff of color by promoting professional development, mentoring, community involvement and social events at Lehigh University. Additionally, we are advocates for our members. We work to educate the larger community by providing awarness concerning particular issues that surround faculty and staff of color.

FSCN Vision Statement: We are a beacon of refuge for faculty and staff who want to cultivate and curate a culture of acceptance, belonging, discovery, and growth. FSCN advances diversity and inclusion as the drivers of innovation and excellence at Lehigh University. We believe that the success of the university lies in successful recruitment, support, professional and personal development and retention of self identifying faculty and staff of color.
What we are committed to
  • Advocating for faculty and staff of color at Lehigh.
  • Supporting the Office of Multicultural Affairs and various affinity student organizations.
  • Connecting Faculty and Staff of Color to sudents though mentorship opportunities.
  • Coordinating with the Black and Latino Alumni for Community and Equity (BALANCE).