MLK Keynote Speaker Dr. Ibram X. Kendi Encourages Listeners to Be Anti-Racist

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Historian and best-selling author Ibram X. Kendi delivered the MLK Keynote Lecture to a packed house at Lehigh’s Baker Hall, urging those listening to rethink racism and to become more active in the effort to fight it.   Based largely on his latest book, How to Be an Antiracist, Kendi explained the concept that people are either racist or anti-racist, and that there is no middle ground; one is either actively fighting racism or perpetuating it through inaction.   “The language doesn’t matter,” he said.  “The intent doesn’t matter.  I care about the outcome: Is this policy creating racial inequity?”  In the Q&A session that followed the lecture, Kendi gave some answers on ways people can fight racism.  Read the full story here.