LTS student computing consultant sees STARS, bright future

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When Victor Contreras ‘20 was a high school freshman, a friend asked him if he wanted to buy his broken down iPhone 4 -- cracked on the front, cracked on the back, and a hole where the home button used to be.

Where others might have laughed at the suggestion, Contreras saw opportunity. He quickly forked over twenty bucks and set out to repair it.

With a little time, a little YouTube, and a $30 investment in parts, he learned how to fix it to assembly line-new, then turned around and sold it for a tidy profit. His affinity for all things hardware and entrepreneurial spirit led the Harrisburg native to start a freelance computer repair business in 2014.

Fast forward to 2018, the Lehigh sophomore and materials science and engineering (MSE) major is keeping his tech skills sharp and honing his soft skills through his work on three computing support teams in Library and Technology Services (LTS).


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