Legal Expert Melissa Murray Discusses Supreme Court Decisions as 43rd Tresolini Lecture

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In 2018, legal expert Melissa Murray testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee at Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  She predicted at that time that Kavanaugh, if confirmed, would provide the fifth vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, a prediction proven true in June 2022 in the Dobbs v. Jackson decision. At the 43rd Annual Tresolini Lecture on Lehigh's campus last week, Murray told attendees that the Dobbs decision could be an indication that future court rulings are coming that would focus on other reproductive freedoms, and even the right to marriage for same sex couples.  Murray also briefly discussed the recent scandals surrounding some justices accepting gifts that were not publicly disclosed.  "The only thing that makes us obey the court and what it decides is our sense that the court is doing law and not politics," she said.  Read the full story here.