2022 Campus Climate Survey on Diversity and Equity Results Give Important Benchmark

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The results of the 2022 Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Diversity and Equity campus climate survey are in, showing little change from the last survey in 2020.  Lehigh first participated in the HEDS Survey in 2020 as part of continuing efforts to foster a diverse and equitable campus community.  The 2020 results served as an initial baseline for the campus climate, and the survey is readministered every two years to show a snapshot over time of progress on Lehigh's campus and comparison to similar universities on a variety of topics.  A brief summary of the data shows that Lehigh's score on the satisfaction with Campus Climate for Diversity and Inclusion question was 3.5 (compared to 3.7 in 2020); the score on Institutional Support for Diversity & Equity was 3.4 (compared to 3.5 in 2020); and finally, the score on the indicator for Experience of Insensitive or Disparaging Remarks was 2.0 (unchanged from 2020).  These results will be used to strengthen existing structures and identify areas of growth as the university continues to focus on the Diversity, Inclusion & Equity strategic plan goals.  Read more here.