“A Celebration of Triumph Over Adversity”

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The annual tradition of the Donning of the Kente took place at the Wood Dining Room of Iacocca Hall on May 13, honoring 44 students of diverse backgrounds on the figurative eve of their Commencement.  The event allows graduates to invite someone key to their Lehigh experience to speak to and about them and their journey.  They are then presented with the kente cloth, developed in the 17th century in Ghana, and eventually adopted by the Ahsanti kingdom as a royal cloth and symbol of prestige.  “By accepting this stole, you are acknowledging the responsibilities that come with it,” associate professor of history and Africana studies Kawme Essien explained to the graduates.  “This stole is not simply some decorative memorabilia, but a call to action.  This ceremony is a celebration of triumph over adversity.”  Read the full story here.