Clayton University Center Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Offices Moving to Christmas Saucon

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Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Office Christmas Saucon Location
The Center for Gender Equity (CGE)  
Rita Jones, Director 331
Vacant, Associate Director 342
Azalea Chacon, Coordinator 340
Fauzia Saiyed, Graduate Assistant 334
CGE Lounge 336
The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)  
Vacant, Director 233
Tamara Redfern, Associate Director 235
Rosemary Cortorreal, Coordinator 231
Chrismerli Rodriguez, Graduate Assistant 237
The M-Room (Lounge) 201
The Pride Center  
Scott Burden, Director 238
Ariel Torres, Associate Director 234
Mary Ellen "Mel" Kitchen, Coordinator 236
Caroline Schmidt Patricio, Graduate Assistant 232
The Pride Center Lounge 204