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                                                             Logo of the Pride Center's Mentorship Cohort, Iris. The logo has an iris under the group name, which stands for "inspiring relationships that ignite social change"

Iris is the Pride Center's mentorship cohort experience for undergraduate & graduate students as well as faculty & staff.  Through participation in the program, we hope to empower our participants to:

- Explore their own identities and experiences, along with the ways these connect to the concept of social change

- Evaluate their actions and how they inhibit or contribute to social change

- Build collaborative relationships that foster positive social change

The program involves mentorship family meetings as well as all-cohort meetings in the fall and spring each year.  Participant selection for first-year students occurs each summer, and selection for all other participants occurs in the late spring.  Please contact Scott Burden, Pride Center Interim Director, at for more information about the program or about the application process.