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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Your Story, My Story: Presented by Cornell Interactive Theater Ensemble (CITE)

This theatrical program provides an opportunity for audiences to hear, explore and experience each other in a manner that illuminates their similarities rather than their differences. The theatrical piece brings to life accessible characters who are fully human, credible and fallible. The primary objective is to stimulate discussion about the opportunities for greater understanding of diversity and inclusion. Listening to the stories of the characters in the theatrical piece will provide the opportunities to learn about: Exclusion and inclusion in the workplaceFeeling empathy and identification with the charactersSeeing the commonality of our human experience that flows underneath all the storiesOur own unconscious biasYour Story, My Story is a component of our Cornerstones of Community professional development track and participation in this program is an expectation for all supervisors. This virtual event is open to Lehigh Staff and Faculty only
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Gender Equity 101

In this workshop, we will explore various ways that gendered behaviors and roles may be rewarded, ignored, and devalued in different contexts. We are all social creatures, and in our social interactions, we use past experiences to guide present-day engagements. Sometimes bias takes the lead, discouraging us from learning more about people and avoiding assumptions. We will provide interactive ways for people to think about how they have internalized understandings of gender domination and using a social change model, we will give participants the ability to make commitments to move from gender domination to gender equity.
Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Listening Differently

Please join the Lehigh University Center for Gender Equity in a workshop that will provide you the skills both to listen differently and listen for difference. Speaking and listening are learned skills, typically influenced by cultures, genders, and social classes. In this interactive workshop, you will be able to learn more about the context of listening and speaking, try different methods, and create an action plan to move forward on your diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging journey.
Friday, November 19, 2021

BALANCE Lehigh/ Lafayette Weekend!

Stay tuned for more information on Events including group ticket sales for the game!
Monday, January 10, 2022

VISIONS: A component of our Cornerstones of Community professional development track | Human Resources

Dr. Deborah J. Walker is a multicultural and organizational development consultant skilled in the areas of assessment, strategic planning and change, process facilitation, community engagement, cooperative problem solving, and coaching. Her VISIONS sessions are designed to enhance the university's internal capacity to create an equitable campus community by introducing staff, faculty, and students to the Visions framework and common language, including guidelines for effective dialogue, target/non-target, modern "isms," and internalized oppression. VISIONS workshop attendees will learn how to: Identify previously unconscious biases and misinformation in themselves, in others, and in organizationsCommunicate more effectively across differenceRecognize personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural barriers to inclusionUnderstand the ongoing personal effects of historical and contemporary exclusion and oppression, for example, the effects of sexism on individuals of all gendersFacilitate change in groups and organizations to create a supportive environment of inclusionVISIONS is a component of our Cornerstones of Community professional development track and participation in this program is an expectation for all supervisors. Registration is required and open to Staff and Faculty only.
Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Gender is all around us. At work, it’s in our everyday behaviors and interactions, with gender biases influencing both personal and interpersonal job expectations. These biases affect an individual’s sense of belonging, a team’s cohesion, and an institution’s success. So what can be done? Join the Lehigh University Center for Gender Equity in a workshop to discuss personal experiences with gendered expectations and gender bias at work, developing skills to interrupt bias and remove barriers, building a more diverse, inclusive, and agile environment
Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Enacting Feminist Theory and Practice in the Workplace

How can feminist praxis help us realize a more equitable workplace? This workshop will introduce the concept of feminist praxis and explore how a commitment to theory and practice can transform your workplace. To start, you’ll have a chance to explore your own values and imagine how putting what you value into practice can create organizational change. And we’ll conclude by using the levels of social change to develop action items that engage with Lehigh’s Core Success Factors.