Lactation Chestfeeding at Lehigh

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Lactation in the workplace toolkit for supervisors and employees
Lactation/Chestfeeding locations

The Center for Gender Equity supports nursing, lactation, and feeding of children wherever the parent is comfortable. For those looking for a quiet space, please take a look at the Lactation Friendly rooms below.

 As we are in the process of creating a Lactation Friendly Campus, we encourage you to send your ideas, ideal room options, and campus experiences to Dr. Rita Jones, the Center for Gender Equity Director, at

Campus Lactation Spaces:

Resources as you start and continue your journey with your new child:

Deciding how and when to chestfeed:
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Office of Women's Health have great resources for you to think about. These articles address the transition of being home on leave and returning back to work:
Breastfeeding and Returning to Work, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work, Office of Women's Health
Not everyone can or wants to chestfeed. Here is a great read about letting go of the guilt and bottle feeding with formula:
As you continue to make the transition you can search the La Leche League website for more resources. Here is an article on how to help your partner during chestfeeding: