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Who do I contact?

Contact the Center for Gender Equity by phone: 610-758-6484 or email: incge@lehigh.edu

I'd like to help but I am not an artist.

No worries! Be Your Own is also about questioning Art, who makes it, and who views it. Your art may be flash poetry, fiction, musical compositions, drawings, paintings, comic books, and sculptures. Art is up to you! We will also have lots of tips and inspirations to get you started on your project.

Do I have to display my name with my art?

No, you do not need to display your art with your name. It is your secret. Anonymous has produced a lot of amazing art over the centuries.

Why do I have to do an artist's statement?

For a few reasons. First, when viewers can learn from the artist how/why they created what they did, viewers develop a better understanding of the work. Second, giving artists the time to reflect on what and why they created a piece enhances the sense of accomplishment, healing, and artist's next steps.

How do I get my artwork back?

While we're still working out the details, we know that campus members will be able to retrieve their art in the fall semester. Seniors' artwork may be retrieved before graduation. Apologies but we cannot mail any art. We will notify each person when the artwork is ready to be picked up. We will give each person two weeks to pick up their art after which time we will donate any remaining art.